Challenges for this project

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Connect a Trinket PRO to a pedometer help burn off the extra pounds.

pcdocmspcdocms 09/05/2017 at 02:350 Comments

This biggest challenges for the project are :

1) How do I keep the size small and at the same time keep it functional as a regular pedometer ?  ( The last thing I want is a huge box hanging off my belt loop

2) How do I power/recharge the dang thing ?

I want to use small batteries but at the same time have enough charge for a 5 mile walk

at 3 to 5 mi/hr

3) How do I upload data from the device . Do I want wired data or wireless ?

4) How do keep it inexpensive to build  ( if it is going to cost more than the a FitBit,

what's is the point, right ?? ).  I want to use stuff I  can find around the house.

( more to come in the next blog )