A project log for The Pi Watch

A watch with a Teensy 3.1 at it's heart. It's a Open Source development system that you can wear!

ipaq3115ipaq3115 12/23/2014 at 04:540 Comments

Well we are starting a bit behind so here's some history.

Who needs breadboards!?

This was the first real working example of the Pi Watch. You can see all of the elements here, the sdcard holder made from an old sd to microsd adapter, a bunch of sticky backed brass we cut up to resemble a slider, a connector that plugs into a develoment BC127 board and of course the Teensy 3.1 connected to the display. There also used to be a set of level shifters between the T3 and the display because the datasheet for the display said it needed to run at 2.8v and our T3 was running at 3.3v. The reason they aren't there now is because we were able to run the T3 down to 2.8v this means no buck boost converter when the battery is reaching the end of it's charge! (As I write this I'm also thinking that this could be the reason the Cortex was very much unhappy when we tried to overclock it to 168MHz at this voltage...)

The first real PCB!

To be continued... have to get up early and get to work on the faux carbon fiber watch tomorrow.