History - Part 2

A project log for The Pi Watch

A watch with a Teensy 3.1 at it's heart. It's a Open Source development system that you can wear!

ipaq3115ipaq3115 12/24/2014 at 19:310 Comments

This board was the first real PCB we put together, needless to say it took quite a few jumpers and a blown Cortex chip before we had it all straightened out! This is pretty much just the bare board with the screen, touch ring and sdcard on it. If you look at our second PCB revision you'll see it populated with most of these parts.

As you can see we also moved some of the taller components down to the back side of the PCB to reduce our stack size and still keep our 480mah battery right down on the board. You can even see the crystal for the RTC in the Cortex there. This is the first version that can actually tell time! This is also the version of the PCB that we have in the prototype currently.

Hardware Revisions

As you can see we've been through a couple iterations, and this doesn't count all of the designs we just threw out over the course of developing the case. Our really big 'aha' moment came when we rotated the screen 90 degrees to the right. We were able to make the case much rounder, and spread out the components enough to reduce the thickness quite a bit. The first case we were really able to fit all of the electronics in and get the watch band attached to was #3. Our last revision we also added the links for the band attachment which really helped increase it's wearability and let the band better conform to your wrist.