a "drome" is a place where people can get in, and from some of them people can also get out. a good long project (e.g. a life) has 7 dromes.

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AuiDrome: people that are coming soon or that are finally between us. Her or his name should be created using love and optionally related to one of the languages of the different cultures of the world (e.g. choosing from Glottolog or ISO 639-3 vocs.)

AcadoDrome: people that has started to learn things about her or his culture. This "drome" has three internal stages: play, learn and grant.

PedaloDrome: people currently doing their best for the project, working hard for it but also for the pleasure that it returns to them.

ByebyeDrome: farewell from the squad to those who decide to keep growing in other projects. A place to remember those riders and their stuff (twitter, skype, etc.).

RestoDrome: people who deserves to rest and give to the project whatever they want. They read, hopefully write, and some of them can even make amazing things.

RipoDrome: people that is no longer between us but that their spirit keep pushing us to build a better world.

And the LoveDrome.

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