Water Carrier

Millions in under-dev countries walk miles to get water. Take a normal bike, add a cheap electric motor run via solar panel for water transp

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The idea is NOT to reinvent the wheel. Use what has been developed. Customize - make it cheaper and affordable.

The project will have 3 main components - a bike frame/wheels; an electric motor and a Lithium-ion (LiFePo4) battery pack with solar panel for charging the battery.

The specs - able to carry a weight of 250 kg (one person between 65 to 100 kg) and balance as a 2nd person/water container/farm produce. The range = 30 miles on full charge. Speed = 25mph max.

Business model - Phoenix based "Local Cars" - use the buyers/users to build cars. The plan - to encourage bike users in villages to help build the bike (they can then support/maintain it later) - lowers the total cost of 'building' the bike - no labor costs.

e-bikes use the hub planetary geared 48V - 500 Watt dc motor that has high torque. Its price is prohibitive ($365 to $600) for poor under-developed countries. Fabricate it much cheaper. Use "TechShops" facilities.

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Matt Man wrote 12/28/2014 at 05:20 point

Very cool and worth while project! Ari! Would keep an eye out on any thing that I can help with.

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Ari Minhas wrote 12/29/2014 at 18:30 point

Thanks Matt - appreciate

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