• Stupid tree, wind, or pilot?!

    Neuntoter01/12/2016 at 03:51 0 comments

    Well sorry for no updates folks, but my brother had parked the thing on top of a very tall tree in the creepy neighbor's yard back in June if I remember right.

    If the neighbor was home I am sure he got a freight when my brother and I carrying ladder and very long tree limb cutter came marching to his house pounding on the door that night. Since he didn't die of a heart attack or call the cops when we were swinging about on the top of his deck on a ladder or walking on the roof, I will assume he wasn't.

    So that explains the lack of activity. I wanted to stick with the same one as I had done a bit of work and research on it, so until I can gather the money and time there will continue to be a lack of activity.

    Here is a tip though. Get rid of that protective top cover. Seriously. It is plenty strong without it, and all it does is give a tree the death grip hold on it. A few propellers broken or your quad permanently decorating a neighborhood tree?