Making NeoPixels easier to handle

A project log for DMX NeoPixel Matrix

There are now two of these lights. a 5x5 pixel matrix, and a 5x5 projector-type matrix

FlozFloz 01/18/2015 at 23:040 Comments

Frustrated that my Arduino clones have still not arrived, yet everything else has... I contacted GearBest customer support. They informed me that NL Post does not offer tracking information.

Guess I'll have to wait. However, my neopixels have arrived, and there is no sense in letting these LITTLE guys sit and collect dust.

They really are tiny, that's a US $0.25 coin, a NeoPixel (WS2812b) and one on a chunk of protoboard with pins. The breakapart board I ordered from Mr Zhang was 120 of these little tiny things that snapped apart cleanly. However, upon arrival, I immediately noticed that they have three solder pads for in and out each, and more importantly, those pads are roughly 0.10" apart.

Jackpot! Or, more work....

That's a NeoPixel with 0.10" male headers on either side, thru-holed to protoboard...

...and the reverse. I intentionally formed solder bridges to give myself an easier pad to solder the 5v, GND, and Serial Data lines onto.

Yup, I'm doing this 100+ times... once I go buy more male headers. I must remember on the next order to inquire if Mr Zhang would be kind enough to add pins for me.