Must go shopping, must go shopping...

A project log for DMX NeoPixel Matrix

There are now two of these lights. a 5x5 pixel matrix, and a 5x5 projector-type matrix

FlozFloz 01/27/2015 at 18:400 Comments

...must go shopping!

So I need to make a trip to Ye Olde Vendor Of Silicon. This is more for me to glance at when I'm there than anything else, but maybe it will help someone else make one less shopping trip.

1 spool wire (not red/black... I have plenty of that, I need something else for data)

1 bag 0.10" headers (a big bag, I use these little guys for all kinds of stuff)

2 sheets protoboard (large ones, I can cut them to size)

1 tube (qty 5?) MAX485 or equivalent transceiver ICs

2 male XLR connectors

2 project enclosures

10 ohm 1/4w resistor (a handful?)

Yes, I could just hang the PSU and 'duino on the back of the project-ply that I'm using... But that would look bad, and leave those parts woefully underprotected. So, I want a couple of project enclosures. I have run out of protoboard at the moment, and I'm 4 pixels short of completing one large-scale 5x5 matrix.

I can probably scavenge another MAX485 from one of the par-can lights that has failed in the last year. While I may do that, as well as scavenging the XLR connectors from it, I still need a few things, like support components for the MAX485, and maybe a couple of small sheets of protoboard to build the MAX485 and neopixel connections into a DIY shield.

In other news, there is an unmarked IC inside these PAR cans. It's a 20 pin IC with 10C1C printed on the underside.

10C1C Datasheet? Is the closest match I can find in a datasheet.... which would mean this is a 10 input logic array? I dunno, I'll keep digging and start experimenting. If I let the blue smoke out of this one, there are other failing/failed par-can lights in the inventory that I can rob these from.