update... sorta

A project log for DMX NeoPixel Matrix

There are now two of these lights. a 5x5 pixel matrix, and a 5x5 projector-type matrix

FlozFloz 05/16/2015 at 02:090 Comments

So this project stalled when my Dell notebook crashed.

However, I have the software still, thanks to Hackaday! I also have a newer HP notebook that runs like a champ.

I also still have the hardware, and at some point will continue development in the DMX controller direction. We're currently waiting on a USB interface to arrive from god-knows-where... at which point a board becomes available for bench testing.

I don't want to control 75 channels with that board... But I will as proof that it works once I've hacked out the remainder of the code. I already have a small daughterboard with a RS-485 transceiver IC on the fixture.

Other projects, and my day job's development cycle are keeping this one slowed. That, and waiting on parts again.