Ghz Logic Analyzer

A scrap board from work with an FPGA was repurposed into a powerful and reliable 1Ghz Logic Analyzer

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This is the big brother to my logic probe. Most circuitry these days needs Ghz sampling. I got an old scrap board from work and wrote a full power analyzer with 256K 8bit states. By carefully constraining the frontend logic on the FPGA, I was able to get true Ghz sampling with amazing accuracy and powerful timed triggering capability.
  • 1 × scrap board with Altera Arria FGPA
  • 1 × USB to serial adapter lludged a serial interface onto the scrap board
  • 1 × MAXMSP software quick and easy GUI generation

  • 1Ghz Logic Analyzer Enhancements

    morrisonpiano12/28/2014 at 16:33 0 comments

    While this project is finished and extremely useful--a life-saver for getting tough problems fixed--there are many enhancements I want to add. Triggering in particular--the HW is capable of many trigger modes such as triggering on specific pulse widths (or outside specific widths). I need to add these features to the GUI. The HW can search for specific analysis data patterns, I need to add this to the GUI--and fix the bug where if the search pattern is not found, the FPGA searches forever. I'd like to display a variety of signal measurement values to the GUI (pulse width, frequency, etc.

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    I'll add information soon if there's any interest in this project. I cant show the scrap board without getting in trouble at work, but the code is fairly simple, can be applied to any FPGA (performance dependent on your FPGA and FPGA coding skills :) and was done on off-hours with my own purchased FPGA tools.

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Interest in your project is obvious.  Can you add the information you announced?

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