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a LED matix build into a door to play tetris, Snake...

mclienmclien 01/06/2015 at 13:300 Comments

I used silver coated copperwire for the electrification. Large amounts of that are delivered on coils, which means it tends to keep a curved shape. To straighten it you have to pull them a bit in lenght just to the point they start strech plastic.

From the pics on the last log you could see/read, that there are "V" shaped pieces of that. Being lazy AND kinda perfectionistic bending these parts manually without any way tho reproduce a similar shape to all of it, I built a little apparatus:

Mostly some spare/ leftover metal/ wood parts lying around and 2 quickreleases (normally used for seapost clamps on bicycles). The edges of the metal parts are rounded a bit (1-2mm radius) to prevent the wire from breaking throught notch effect.

After a bit trial and error I had the quick releases adjusted to the right force (you have to find the balance between the wire just slipping underneth the quick release and being stretched for straightnes) and could start:

After some tests and repeats (roll up wire, close release, press down bar, open release, cut wire, repeate) I was good to do most of the parts blind while watching a movie (or two or three..). Afterwards I had to go through it again to get the correct and similar lenght for all. And soon enough I had more than the 315 I needed for the door: