Notes about using a Pro Trinket

A project log for Portable Altimeter Logger with Display

A portable altimeter that logs the relative height with a simple display to show max and current altitude.

SergSerg 12/30/2014 at 02:590 Comments

This is my first time using a Pro Trinket, I typically us a Pro Mini or an Uno.

Here are some notes to myself about using a Pro Trinket:

- 99% of Arduino Programs work on it ( except that pins 2 and 7 are not available)

- Had to drag and drop a file to get it to work on the Arduino IDE although there is an option to just download an IDE (

- Analog 4 & 5 pins are broken out ( at a gain of size over the Pro Mini)

- Uses a 12Mhz crystal over a 8Mhz crystal in every Pro Mini that I've seen.

- Can be programed over micro usb - have not tried - at a loss of a bit of sketch size ( 28.6k vs 32k Bytes)

I'm sure there probably is more stuff I missed but this is what I learned from quickly skimming through

I'm off to write some code now!