Code Cleanup

A project log for KAPCOM

Yet another hardware controller for Kerbal Space Program. Leveraging Telemachus, Python and Arduino to drive joysticks, buttons and displays

lawnmowerlattelawnmowerlatte 06/13/2015 at 06:450 Comments

I've been putting forth a pretty major effort to clean up the code and eliminate latent issues. I've integrated Travis-CI and Coveralls and started creating tests with py.test. So far I've hit 20% coverage, even if those tests are fairly "light" on actual testing. I've also integrated with QuantifiedCode for some code analysis, so I've been fixing those issue as well as making the repository PEP8 compliant (at least as much as possible, there are a few issues PyCharm is picking up that are non-issues).

I'm still investigating PEX and Pants as possible delivery mechanisms. I'm a little saddened that they don't seem to support Windows. Especially since Windows users are less likely to have CLI experience and a self-contained file would really be nice.

I'm getting close to final testing for 0.9.1. I want to do a bit more work with PEX before making a decision. Then it'll be testing and bug fixing time. If I do decide to add PEX packaging I'll probably release 0.9.1 without it and wait for 0.9.2.