Working Spec:

Ardiuino programmed to allow for setting RTC module and referencing RTC at selectable interval, playing digitized audio files through a SpikenzieLabs voice shield to an enclosed speaker. Additionally, buttons and an LCD will provide for setting Date /Time. Verbal date is possible. To be enclosed in a 3D printed enclosure, possibly with CNC elements if I ever get my Shapeoko assembled. A wall wart will power the Arduino at 5V and subsequently power the voice shield at 3V. The RTC has a backup power in the form of a button cell.

The intent is for the passage of time to be represented audibly; the LCD is only for time setting. Options to set interval to 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes. Possibly only to function if light level exceeds some threshold value. Option to add large LED display to show time, easy to add, but not primary goal for project.

I have abundant Arduino form factors lying around, but I will probably use a serial Freeduino I built from a kit years ago.

The voice shield is on order, and I think I'll pick up an LCD with integrated buttons. I have everything else.