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A project log for Getting the tft to work

Ya know, arduino is supposed to be plug and play. This is a full detail record of getting a tft working.

Rue MohrRue Mohr 01/01/2015 at 05:520 Comments

I got these two thinking it would be plug and play. When I got the screen I started to work to find the software for it. This proved to be an interesting search ont eh grounds that it was indicated to me the controller was a spfd5408, which is not a chip that seems to be commonly supported. I did find a library called UTFT which supports a multitude of chips, but the only example I could get to do anything would wash out and smear the screen with what was supposed to be drawn on it. grr

.. and that took over 6 hours of work..

I went back to ebay and messaged the seller, who was happy to help!

He gave me this link

so, easy, done, right? wrong. The process requires unpacking the libraries, and then a lot of renaming and moving of folders.

In the end it worked.