Getting the tft to work

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Ya know, arduino is supposed to be plug and play. This is a full detail record of getting a tft working.


Tre4kelly wrote 10/01/2015 at 14:50 point

Hi Rue,

   Thanks for the reply.  My eyes aren't good enough to read the labels on the controllers.  The item appears to be identical to the one at this URL (  I used the code from your site and the original site  (and many more).  One sketch (Touchscreendemoshield.ino) knows when I am touching the screen but gives almost the same x,y coordinates irrespective of the position of my finger and pressure details vary wildly.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the device is faulty.  By the way none of the sketches has ever failed to compile and I am using IDE version 1.6.5.

Hope your 2 week absence is an enjoyable holiday.

Best regards


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Tre4kelly wrote 09/29/2015 at 14:52 point

Right, wonderful, all done but my screen still does nothing.  It flickers as the sketch starts then sits there looking smug.  Is there any form of contrast control? Or do I have another (second) faulty screen.  Is there even a simple check for functionality?  My touch screen program (from adafruit)  gives an occasional reading,  my sketch "ttfbmp"  detects the presence or absence of an sd card, and seems to read BMP files but nothing appears on screen all this boils down to the possibility of me not being able to see the screen output, hence the question of contrast or brightness.  Any info would be appreciated. BTW - my small OLED screen works fine using the Adafruit libraries.

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Rue Mohr wrote 09/30/2015 at 04:36 point

hmmI got a lot of this, I'm away from my shop for antoher 2 weeks, but please tell me more about the screen you have? there are a number of thme that *look* the same, but use different controllers

Did you use the code from my site or the origional site?

I did find that the contrast wasn't awesome. but if its mauling the contrast completely and only showing corrupted data, your close.

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Rue Mohr wrote 09/07/2015 at 16:18 point

sorry, had fun finding your comment :). I have not followed the library, when I got it to work, I downloaded a copy as I find thats the only way to make sure you have a 'copy that works'. Are you sure you put the library in the right place, if there is an extra folder then the arduino software dosn't seem to be able to find it. 

That all said, did you get it to work yet?

I could find the machine that I did this on and post information on the folder tree if it helps.

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Abdulrahman wrote 09/05/2015 at 18:01 point


what's the latest update to this library.

I downloaded it and uncommented the lines of data and control pins

Also Adafruit_GFX is not highlighted in orange as this clears that the include file is working.

Even with trick robot-control.

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