a Qt based GUI to visualize data coming from an Arduino - cause SerialTerminal just wasn't enough


  • Data items separated by COMMAs
  • Different packets separated by lines (\r\n)
  • Arduino Nano ATMEGA328p being used as Test Device
  • Scans Serial Port and Opens at 9600
  • Shows Analog Data 8 inputs on vertical Sliders
  • Shows Serial Data in a PlainTextBox
  • Shows 1x Analog Data as a Waveform NOT COMPLETE

Tested on: Linux Mint Debian 16 64-bit with Qt5.4.0 vanilla install


  • Add Graphs of Analog Data DONE
  • Parameterize Baud Rate Selection
  • Send an INTEGER to Arduino to control delay in loop()
  • Add Timing Info and Control(Sampling time etc) to Scope Waveform
  • Qwt Tutorial or procedure, how I did it..!

Commit 001 - 12-30-14: Basic Minimum Functionality App

  • Added README
  • Basic Functionality App

Commit 002 - 12-31-14: Basic Scope - Wave Plot of Analog Data

  • Added Arduino Code in the folder
  • Installed and Added Qwt for plotting waveforms
  • Single Analog Channel Shown

* I plan to keep this DETAILS section a mirror copy of the on git