We would like to introduce the ICStation Sound Level Indicator LED Lights. It is very interesting. The number of LEDs which will be lighted are different from the sound level.The higher level of the sound and the more LEDs will be lighted.

Size: 52mm*75mm
Installing Hole: Φ3
Power Supply: Powered By USB (The input cannot exceed 12V)
Power Consumption: Max. 2W (Output: 5V, All LEDs are on.)

Step 1: QR Code on the Product

Another feature is that there is QR code on the back of the product. You can scan the QR code to see what information you will get.

Step 2: The picture about low level of sound

Step 3: The picture about high level of the sound

Step 4: The video to show the effect

Through the video, you will have a clear idea of the actual effect.The number of LEDs which be lighted are different from the sound level.

Note: The microphone is more sensitive to the high level of the sound, but not the lower level.