Pacificbots fleet

A project log for PacificBots

Research platforms that are intend to be used as self-positioning buoys to monitor the ocean environment.

PacificBotsPacificBots 10/05/2017 at 07:030 Comments



There are now Four variants.

Solarbuoy: For lack of a better name, it is a 200 watt solar powered electric motor self positioning buoy.

Sailbuoy: is a wind/electric driven solar powered self positioning buoy.

Wavebuoy :is a wave propelled autonomous vehicle. There is also an electric motor. IT is solar powered via 50 watt panel. Standard compliment of instruments

Drifterbuoy: Buoy is meant to be dropped by vessel into position. It will then drift with current. 20 to 25 watt solar panel. Standard compliment of instrucments