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A project log for WiFi shield for Arduino using an ESP8266 module

I'm making a WiFi shield based on the ESP8266 module and also a library and some example projects.

ZeptoBitZeptoBit 01/02/2015 at 20:070 Comments

First revision of the board. I got a fottprint wrong, so it needed a wire and some less obvious modifications. Fully functional.

Second revision of the board. Added another row of holes for headers with a standard 0.1" spacing to make it easier to breadboard. I ordered this board a few days after I ordered the first revision, so it has the same footprint issue.

Third revision of the board. Fixed the footprint issue. Removed unneccesary components. Reduced the width of the board. Added two aditional holes for headers. Removed double set of power input holes. Moved RX for compatibility with some Arduino models.