Oh, right, almost everything you see in the bench is 3D printed from my Airwolf 3DXL.


Although this test bench is awesome and has found plenty of parts we consider not perfect, Real Life still finds ways to make our parts not work sometimes. So I am planning V3 of the test bench to use the actual throttle bodies from the vehicle for mounting the TPS to be tested. Also, since the serial thermal printer is painfully slow, I want to print to our networked Epson POS receipt printer. It's fast. And has a cutter. And bigger replacement rolls of paper.

There will probably be another ChipKIT uC32 (no actually their new WF32 - wifi and 128K of SRAM!!) and Adafruit 1.8" TFT. That is unless trying to print to the Epson is too difficult. We already print to it from local ubuntu webserver, so there's a change I'll get infected by the whole raspberry PI thing.