The very first steps

A project log for The Frame

"The Frame" is an 8x8 RGB Led simple-to-build information display you can attach to your computer.

daniel-gilbertDaniel Gilbert 01/04/2015 at 10:500 Comments

Hi folks,

this is my first log for the project, but honestly, there isn't much to tell yet. I've created the frame in under an hour, which is quite long from my point of view. It's really easy to assemble, pretty straight forward as you can tell from the pictures.

However, because I like blinking lights, I did a first test in terms of an spectrum analyzer. So, currently the frame is attached to my computer. While the software is running, all sound that gets played on the computer will be displayed on the frame.

As showing blinking leds isn't the main task of the frame, I decided to implement it, because - i love blinking lights.

I even have a small, yet not spectecular video for you. (P.S.: sound is from a german rock/ska/punk band singing something about "this will be a long rocky road". Yeah, I guess it will be.^^)