Automating an old telescope

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I am going to take an old telescope, build an touchpad controlled robotic base for it, add star maps, geo location, times and mount a pi cam to it.

Additional Considerations:

Adding solar panels and programming to move with the sun for maximum charge of a battery pack during the day.

A LAMP stack, USB wifi adapter or gsm dongle+openvpn+ddclient, and a php control interface with the video feed.

Timed output to a chromecast (configurable within PHP interface)

An additional laser pointer to control the movement ie point the laser at the stars you want to view and the telescope follows suit.

A pi radio module with modifications and a limited scope to capture radio waves from wherever the telescope is pointed.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Brain
  • 1 × Pi Cam camera
  • 4 × Servo motor Robitics
  • 1 × Old Telescope base
  • 1 × USB WiFi Adapter OR USB GSM/CDMA Dongle Network Connection

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