Touch Sensitive (Minion) Ornaments

For Christmas, i built touch sensitive ornaments that triggers the playing of minion sounds when touched.

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I built this as part of my entry to's Holiday lights road test contest. These are touch sensitive ornaments connected to a Arduino Yun that sends out an MQTT messages to an MQTT broker. I had a Processing sketch running on PC that was subscribing to these messages and sending out OSC messages to a a music programming software Chuck.

It could be done directly with the sounds being made by Yun itself. But i wanted Chuck integrated so that i can do some future projects making unusual musical instruments.

In the picture, on the right most, there is a traditional christmas ornament wrapped around with conductive thread for a sample on how those can be touch enabled.

The full build log is at which is another awesome community that runs great design challanges and free kits through their road tests.
  • 1 × Arduino Yun
  • 1 × Adafruit 12-key capacitive touch sensor breakout - MPR121
  • 1 × Home made minion ornaments
  • 1 × Conductive Thread
  • 1 × PC running Processing and CHUCK

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