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A project log for ESP8266 Current Monitor

Basic energy monitor using the ESP8266 and the ATMega328

Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell 07/11/2015 at 18:550 Comments

With the summer kicking off and school over, I've decided to continue work on the current monitor now that I have (slightly) more free time.

I was hesitant to work inside my breaker box for the longest time, but I'm finally ready to open that baby up and connect the meter directly to my mains supply so I can actually read something useful with it.

I'm also planning on updating the code so that you will be able to read both real-time current usage as well as current over time. Most likely this will mean shifting the timing from hardware to software. Currently measurements are sent every 15 minutes based on the time elapsed on the current monitor itself. The new system I would like to implement would make the webserver itself send a request for a reading every ten seconds or so, making both the timing more accurate and shifting some of the load off of the monitor.

Both of these changes should be happening very soon barring any major setbacks, and I'll try to remember to post an update when I get it done.

That's all this week. As always, stay tuned!