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Basic energy monitor using the ESP8266 and the ATMega328

Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell 08/15/2015 at 03:240 Comments

Hey all,

Just a quickie for now, and I know I haven't posted much in a while, but I'm here to tell you that the project is not dead by any means.

Recently I picked up working on the current monitor after an extended break to work on other projects (like my VHF radio project as well as various small projects around the house).

Today was an especially good day. I completely overhauled the code on both the website and the device itself. It now has much more comprehensive debugging as well as a more efficient communication process with the ESP8266.

Additionally, I wrote custom functions for reading and calculating the current (finally) and it has been tested and works well!

Stay tuned for when I hopefully get a full writeup posted, but for now just know that I'm not dead and neither is the project.