Another old project.  I wrote this in 2013 after making too many mistakes in PCB design.  It's a bare-bones 3D board viewer that accepts gerber files and displays a 3D rendering of the PCB.  You can zoom, pan, and rotate the board with your mouse.  I've found it very useful for double-checking before sending boards for fabrication.

You can change the look of the board by editing a JSON configuration file.  I usually render them with a white silkscreen over purple soldermask and ENIG plating for some reason :-)  You can make them any color you like, though (even pink).

I've developed it on linux; I have no idea what changes would be required to make it compile or run on a different OS.

It uses legacy OpenGL code.  That's the version I learned years ago, and I just haven't kept up.

It uses the gerbv libraries, and won't compile unless you install the development packages.  There are a bunch of other development packages you need to install, too.  When I get a chance, I'll try to compile it in a clean VM linux install and make note of everything that needs to be installed.

This project is far from finished. I got it to a usable state for what I needed, and left it that way.  It's served me pretty well for almost five years now.  I always wanted to clean it up and publish the code, but at this point I'll settle for just publishing it.

Check it out on GitHub.