A project log for DIY UV Exposure 'oven' for PCB etching and masks

Converting a towel warmer to a UV exposure 'oven' for making PCBs

flcfl@C@ 03/12/2015 at 09:520 Comments

Well, I have all the LED strips cut into 12" lengths... and stuck 5mm apart on top and bottom of the inside... They're offset on the X to provide a fuller coverage since the LEDs are spaced oddly on the strips..

The strips are divided into four banks... and interleaved two on top and two on bottom.. These are connected to the four channels on the mosfet board and controlled by the arduino... I just typed that... <sigh>.. Anyway, the microcontroller will be connected to the touch screen TFT when it gets here from China.....I ordered it march 4th... so it should be here before June.. :) There's really not much to it other than the power supply... I'll be feeding the LEDs with a 12v 5amp power supply.. and the micro will probably be run from a regulator...I tend to like to LM2825-5.0 but, I don't imagine a lot of people share I'll probably use something more mainstream.. I'll also probably be designing a board for this which will include the micro and everything... Keep watching... :D