Auger Mixer and Extruder for Oogoo

Goal: build an extruder for 3D printing with Oogoo, a mixture of silicone and cornstarch.

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While work continues on my Moineau Extruder for clay, peanut butter, etc., I realized that it is not really suitable for 3D printing with Oogoo. Oogoo is an amazing mixture of silicone and cornstarch, but is usually confined to molding or casting for fabrication. IMHO, Oogoo can be used for 3D printing, but there are a few challenges. First, mixing cornstarch into silicone can be a messy and frustrating process. To solve this problem, I designed an Oogoo mixer which works fine, but needs improvement (discussed below). Second, Oogoo sets up relatively quickly - too quickly to be put into the Moineau Extruder for printing. If the output of the mixer could be used directly for printing, satisfactory results might be achieved.

The aim of this project is to improve the Oogoo mixer and use it as the basis of an extruder.

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