Ding ding...Round 2 - New board look purty

A project log for Arduino-Compatible FPGA Shield

Spartan 6 FPGA Shield includes SPI Configuration Flash, Breakout Headers, SRAM, programmable from Arduino or SPI Programmer

technolomaniactechnolomaniac 07/17/2014 at 17:500 Comments

Got the new boards back from Advanced Circuits (they rock BTW...attention to detail like few others) and they look awesome.  Went with black soldermask this time around and it makes things look so much cooler (much more Hackaday-chic).  These boards have a few new details including dipswitches (bloody small!), LEDs, a few extra test points, tented vias (BGA Soldering loves tented vias!) and a few other cosmetic tweaks esp. to the silkscreen.  The first batch worked fine so hoping this works without issue as well.