• first fully functional version

    Viper-Gtr02/11/2015 at 10:57 0 comments

    At the beginning of the week I built the first fully functional prototype.



    with the StepUp hooked up

    The program was adapted from me so that can be selected via the solder bridges different Expires.
    (eg is constant pulsing or strobe effect)

    this is the test configuration.
    (the audio-cable is a little bit long)
    My USB-Powerbank is about 2200mAh and after two hours its still working fine.
    When I put both sides to 100%, the whole thing runs about 750mA on the bench.

    2200mAh / 750mA = 2,9333h
    After three hours everything was still working fine , too ;-)

    the next week I'm going to make a stylish case

  • the ring side

    Viper-Gtr02/08/2015 at 19:07 0 comments

    here are a few shots from the funktional ring:

    1% PWM - it wasn't possible for me to get a photo from a 100% referenz, because the picture was overall white :-D

    left-side on 25% right on 2%

    right-side on 50% left on 2%

    As you can see, i think there is no diffuser needed, because at a distance of 10 mm and more no longer points of the LEDs can be seen

  • first tests

    Viper-Gtr02/08/2015 at 18:38 0 comments

    At this weekend I've found a little time, to write a "clean and smooth" program. It was done in Bascom (as I already said).

    The programm has been kept very simple:

    It starts with the lowest PWM on both sides. Both sides are enabled at the start. From this point, you can disable each side by pressing the assigned button. And you can adjust the brightness by using the up- and down-buttons. If one side is turned off, only the other side is set.

    So the both sides can be adjusted in every PWM-setting you want.

    The RGB-Led shows the status of the control panel:

    green: it's operating

    red: reached upper PWM-level

    blue: reached lowest PWM-level

    Everything ist powered from a poor USB-Powerbank ;-)

    Here are a few test photos

    with normal flashwith normal flash

    with 20% PWM - both sides

    with 100%-PWM (the camera has turend automatically into "overdrive" ^^)

    only left-side on (left: 75%, right: 10%)

    only left-side on (left: 10%, right: 75%)

  • it's alive

    Viper-Gtr02/05/2015 at 08:20 0 comments

    it doesn't take as long as i thought to solder everything together
    the brightness is incredible ^^

    more photos (also from test-objects) soon

  • The PCBs have arrived!

    Viper-Gtr01/30/2015 at 07:23 0 comments

    Yesterday, finally, the boards arrived me.
    So I'm going to solder anything together on the weekend.
    Oh, and I think I'll program the ATTiny with bascom.

  • GoPro-Size added

    Viper-Gtr01/09/2015 at 23:10 0 comments

    I'd just discuss my project with several people.
    They'd advise me to make a smaller version that fits around a GoPro lens.
    Here is the result:

    It has exactly the same functions like its bigger brother.
    There are 30 LEDs around, with a little space to the lens (to avoid shadows) and it get a smaller jack ;-)

    I'm also looking forward, to add a new idea.
    It will get an adjustment between "sunny-white" and "pure-white" LEDs

  • the boards are routed

    Viper-Gtr01/09/2015 at 10:01 0 comments

    It was a long night, but now the boards are finished and ordered.

    All components are ordered ;-)
    the test building on strip board are ready ...

    Now it's time to program