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A project log for "Project Q" - LEDring

dimmable LEDring for the illumination of camera photos

viper-gtrViper-Gtr 02/08/2015 at 18:380 Comments

At this weekend I've found a little time, to write a "clean and smooth" program. It was done in Bascom (as I already said).

The programm has been kept very simple:

It starts with the lowest PWM on both sides. Both sides are enabled at the start. From this point, you can disable each side by pressing the assigned button. And you can adjust the brightness by using the up- and down-buttons. If one side is turned off, only the other side is set.

So the both sides can be adjusted in every PWM-setting you want.

The RGB-Led shows the status of the control panel:

green: it's operating

red: reached upper PWM-level

blue: reached lowest PWM-level

Everything ist powered from a poor USB-Powerbank ;-)

Here are a few test photos

with normal flashwith normal flash

with 20% PWM - both sides

with 100%-PWM (the camera has turend automatically into "overdrive" ^^)

only left-side on (left: 75%, right: 10%)

only left-side on (left: 10%, right: 75%)