first fully functional version

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dimmable LEDring for the illumination of camera photos

viper-gtrViper-Gtr 02/11/2015 at 10:570 Comments

At the beginning of the week I built the first fully functional prototype.



with the StepUp hooked up

The program was adapted from me so that can be selected via the solder bridges different Expires.
(eg is constant pulsing or strobe effect)

this is the test configuration.
(the audio-cable is a little bit long)
My USB-Powerbank is about 2200mAh and after two hours its still working fine.
When I put both sides to 100%, the whole thing runs about 750mA on the bench.

2200mAh / 750mA = 2,9333h
After three hours everything was still working fine , too ;-)

the next week I'm going to make a stylish case