The Obligatory Side-by-Side

A project log for R.O.B. 2.0

a reincarnation of classic Nintendo Hardware

Joshua VasquezJoshua Vasquez 03/05/2015 at 08:370 Comments

Working with just calipers, I did my best to guess the sizes of the fillets. Overall, it turned out pretty well! R.O.B's new head is 3 parts printed on a Form 1+. I have to admit that I really like the workflow that the printer can offer. Most of the parts were printed while I was asleep :)

Overall Form 1+ prints do tend to distort both from there own weight and from the "peeling step" as each layer is being printed. Luckily, the parts aren't fully cured when printed, so I can ensure that they'll fit together before curing them completely. I'm still learning the tricks of the printer, but I'm impressed by how quickly I've been able to get results.