The Idea

A project log for SHTTTRRR

A small shutter controller for Canon EOS Cameras

GlitchmakerGlitchmaker 01/10/2015 at 21:070 Comments

I love photography! In particular I love the way photography enables one to play with time, space and light. One of the things I love in photography is time lapse photo. I have a capable reflex machine (Canon 1000D) but it lacks time lapse capability. Fortunately it has an external trigger port (1,6 mm stereo jack also called LANC) for use with an electric shutter trigger. This port is very simple, as you can see the pinout here. I macgyvered a simple shutter with an Arduino Mega. a resistor and a transistor. You can see that early attempt here.

Obviously this was overkill. What I needed was a small box with a simple control for variable shutter times.

And so SHTTTRRR as an idea was born.