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A project log for SHTTTRRR

A small shutter controller for Canon EOS Cameras

GlitchmakerGlitchmaker 01/13/2015 at 21:090 Comments

It was the time to test with the camera. I connected the camera to the SHTTTRRR, programmed it and waited.... and the LED flashed but the camera didn't shot. I tried to make adjusts to the code, but the camera continued in silence. Time to look to the board. I noticed that the camera stayed with the screen dark, like it was taking a photo. This made me think if the transistor was well wired. I checked and all was OK. Then I thought, that maybe I had an undefined state on the transistor pin. To debug I soldered a 1K resistor between the base of the transistor and the ground. Back to test and.... still nothing. I desoldered it, and whit the help of a multimeter measured the voltage on the output pin of the MC to to transistor, and I read a value between 0 and 120 mV. This made me suspect of the resistor between the transistor and the MC. I removed it and... presto! It works.

This is the video with the demo: