Simple user manual

A project log for SHTTTRRR

A small shutter controller for Canon EOS Cameras

GlitchmakerGlitchmaker 01/15/2015 at 20:580 Comments

Congratulations on the purc.. err construction of the SHTTTRRR, the first intervalometer with no vowels in its name. It's use is simple, with single button interface.


1- Place camera on tripod or loosely piled rocks.

2- Connect camera to SHTTTRRR with cable (not provided)

3- Place on-off switch to the on position.

4- Power camera on.

5- Press momentary switch to signal start of interval

6- Wait for as long as you want

7- Press momentary switch again to signal the end of the interval

8- Let it work. LED will flash after each take.


Keep away from rain.

Clean with a not too damp cloth.


No femptosecond mode.

Use of patience to set interval.


No warranty is hereby granted. User is encouraged to modify product as it suites.

Keep our planet clean. Do not buy, build!