First Prototype

A project log for LightSaber

Build an LightSaber soundboard with buit in LED drivers

aalvesaalves 01/12/2015 at 05:350 Comments

Initially the plan was to use and Arduino pro mini and a sound board to enable the system to be easily modified by others. A prototype was built to test the feasibility of correlating sound with a gyro input. Unfortunately most sound cards are unable to parse through the header of a wav file without causing a noticeable delay in the sound, which is unacceptable for extended idling. Although libraries exist that enable the Arduino to play the sound directly, they proved difficult to set up and would have made the project more difficult for others to replicate thus defeating the project goals. Dispute the low sound quality the prototype was able to detect swings and clashes reliably. Additional prototypes tested features such as powering on, off, auto-calibration and the blade shimmering effect.