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Reflow oven controller

lukasziwaszkiewiczlukasz.iwaszkiewicz 01/19/2015 at 06:370 Comments

Day 1 : MAX31855 testing with TM4C123 launchpad if I remember correctly. It was a while ago. Data acquired via USB.

Day 2: MSP430F5529 firmware (basics). Added URL.

Day 3: µC and thermocouple ADC see each other. Raw data (32 bits) is being sent to the host via USB CDC class connection. Tomorrow I'll try to switch to clean and tidy USB control requests, and maybe make some piece of host software to visualize the temp. readings. There's not much time left, in week or 2 all pieces of CPU-gauge will arrive and I want to solder the thingy in the oven (don't have the oven itself even!).