MT9D111 Startup - Initialization and Configuration of Registers and Variables

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AnthonyAnthony 05/17/2015 at 15:400 Comments

I am presently working on finalizing the general register read/write routines for the camera module so as to be able to easily adjust the settings at any time during use.

The first thing one will notice though is that the default configuration register set is truly a long list. The initial impression might be hours ahead slogging through the datasheet.

However, thankfully Aptina (which now own's Micron's imaging line) has produced a Register Configuration Wizard, which is basically a GUI that much more easily allows one to choose the configuration setup one wants and then easily outputs those settings, with corresponding page and register lists plus settings.

Even if the default settings I will be using may be working 'at first' for you it is worth downloading the Register Configuration Wizard to ensure other portions of the start-up procedure match your particular device and settings (i.e. you have to set/configure the input clock, XCLK, in the Register Wizard).


Looking at first at Aptina's support page, it is a little difficult to determine which software to download as the MD9T111 sensor is not directly listed. The appropriate Register Wizard can thus be downloaded either via this link or by going to the Aptina website and in the Support Section, after clicking on 'Demo Kits' one will see that they are now in the Aptina DevSuite download page.

For this camera, we want to download the version at the bottom that says 'Generic Software'.

Once downloaded and installed, going through the 'Aptina Imaging' program group one will find a subfolder labeled 'Tools' and from there 'Register Wizards'. Notice the MT9D111 is not listed by name, but SoC type. For this camera we want to select the 'A-2010SOC'. Once loaded you should see a screen like the following:

From there, just select the default Register and Variable settings you want for your setup, save to a file, and then you're ready to go.