Let's go 16K

A project log for C64 Flash Cart

A real-time programmable cartridge for the Commodore 64

Stian SorengStian Soreng 02/02/2015 at 14:560 Comments

The design has been changed and the cart is now using an IDT7006 16K DPRAM to give better compability with the existing carts out there, now working in the memory space $8000-$bfff. The micro controller auto-switches the cart between 8K and 16K mode, and can even be virtually disabled.

A new batch of boards (1.0-RC3) have been manufactured and will be sent out to the testers out there.

I'm working on the software side these days, with support for various CRT files, as well as chunk-loaded PRG files. Even SID Jukebox support is in the works.

Awesome times ahead.