• Crunch Time

    furrysalamander04/01/2014 at 04:12 0 comments

    I have to ask her today!  I've been working on the project non stop, and I'll be posting a full write up soon!  I made the decision to swap to an arduino, and yes, I know, it's an arduino *shudders* but... it had to be done fast, and arduinos are a proven, working method, that managed to pull me through on this one.  Besides, It's not like I'm just blinking an LED or something ;)  Anyways, thanks for all of you who have taken a look at this, and I'll probably be posting a revised version that's cheaper after my initial full write up.  We'll see if she says yes!

  • First Post

    furrysalamander03/10/2014 at 22:12 0 comments

    Up until this point, I've been working on it independent of hackaday projects.  I have the whole thing planned out, the enclosure painted, and I hope to finish soldering the circuit tonight.  Once I'm done I plan on posting a build-log.