How to Build Your Own Electric Car

Car lovers, amateurs and engineers across the world are building electric cars in order to improve the durability and driving distance.

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An electric car is a car powered by electric motor, instead of gasoline combustion engine. While there are no visible external differences, there are big differences present under the hood. Still, an electric car is simple to build. But before you start building it, you need to have a blueprint of this complete transplant operation for reference. So, here is a guide for you to build your own electric car.

Find an Apt Gasoline Car to Modify into an Electric Car
Decide on Maximum Electrical Voltage Output
Select a Battery Type

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  • 1 × Power Relay Mechanism Install it
  • 1 × AC Motor
  • 1 × Gear Changing Mechanism
  • 1 × Electrical Switch
  • 1 × Batteries

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    Step 1

    Mount Batteries and Controller

    Now mount the controller and batteries. The controller which is used normally is same as the one used in forklifts. Place the batteries smartly by using the space appropriately. Trap and bracket them all in place.

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    Step 2

    Find an Apt Gasoline Car to Modify into an Electric Car

    The first step is to look for an appropriate gasoline car that can be converted. Although the choice is completely yours, you should look for a car that is enough roomy and has manual transmission as the batteries will take lots of space to sit. Don't go for very old car, but it you like one then ensure that its assembly and gear transmission is intact.

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    Step 3

    Select a Battery Type

    Choose the type of battery you require. There are many different options like high output sealed battery and lead acid, marine deep cycle battery. There are many more options to choose from, based on the type of electrolyte they utilize. They may be gelled, flooded and absorbed glass mat batteries. Do the math depending on the power/voltage you require and buy the batteries that are most suitable. Connect all the batteries you have bought in series.

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