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A dead laptop's LCD, An ATtiny85, two 74LS86 XOR chips, and my first binary-clock

Eric HertzEric Hertz 05/23/2021 at 19:110 Comments

Hey hey! We got linked! Thankya @dearuserhron and @Arsenijs!

#All About Laptop Display Reuse 

#Laptop Display Things 

Also, this project, frankly, I forgot that I had, here, so most recent updates regarding avr-lvds-lcd and similar hacks are in logpages over at: #Ridiculous [LCD] Display Hacks 

And, since I'm obviously having a hard time keeping my display projects organized, I'll throw this here, too: #(VFD) Panel-filter 

The idea is to remove the backlight from an LCD, and use it as a color filter for various purposes, e.g. stage-lighting (spotlights) or as a color-changing overlay for other display technologies like VFD, B/W CRT, or even analog gauges.