Design time for TRR version 2

A project log for Toast-R-Reflow

Yet another toaster oven -> reflow oven conversion

Nick SayerNick Sayer 07/06/2016 at 20:420 Comments

The inventory of boards is getting low, so it's time to consider feature-adds for the next generation of Toast-R-Reflow.

The next version of the power board will be SMD. It's actually just a lot less effort for me to build the SMD portions of the board than to kit all of the through-hole parts. It will still be sold as a "quick kit" - the remaining through-hole parts (the triacs and their heat sinks, and the I/O block) will need to be assembled by the buyer.

One other thing I'm considering is adding an AC-DC power module so that the toaster could supply the DC needs of the controller.

I'm also considering changing the control method. With a DC supply on the board, I can change the control mechanism to be open-collector rather than the current 20 mA current mechanism (that is, lighting an LED).

The AC-DC supply would, however, likely add $10 to the price of the power board, and perhaps knock a couple bucks off the price of the controller(s), as well as eliminating the need for a separate wall wart.

I'd like design feedback. If anyone has any suggestions,