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Turning the BeagleBone Black into a retro gaming appliance

Andrew HendersonAndrew Henderson 03/27/2016 at 21:550 Comments
I have been largely focused on finishing up my PhD as of late, so I haven't been doing releases of BeagleSNES. But, BeagleSNES is part of the larger Beagle Entertainment System (BES) project that I've been working on for a while. Progress on that is plodding along, and I'm hoping to pull all of its pieces together to do a full release of BES v0.1 within the next few months. This includes:

Since I was going to do some eval on the new PCBs that came in, I figured that I'd set up a camera and record it. I got out my GoPro Hero, set it up on my tripod, and got to work:

Here is a 7x speed video of my assembly and test of the SNES gamepad line-level converter circuit that interfaces the 5V SNES gamepads to the 3.3v GPIOs on the BeagleBone Black:

Luckily, I stick to SMT components that use a package size of 0805 or larger so that I can assemble my designs by hand with only a soldering iron and tweezers.