Quantity   Component name
1 × BeagleBone Black (no particular revision) If you are going to use the software, you'll need something to run it on! BeagleSNES doesn't use the eMMC storage of the BBB, so both the older models with the 2 GB eMMC and the newer Rev C with the 4 GB eMMC will work.
1 × BeagleBone Black power supply Running the BBB at 1 GHz with a USB gamepad takes more power than the USB cable can provide.
1 × USB SNES gamepad (Tomee) (second USB gamepad is optional) Other gamepads will work, but the default button configuration in the config XML file is set up for the Tomee.
1 × 8 GB microSD card The pre-made BeagleSNES image is ready to be written to a microSD card to get you up and running ASAP.
1 × Micro-HDMI to Standard HDMI cable If you are connecting your BeagleSNES system to your HDMI television, you'll need this.
1 × FTDI debug cable (optional) Not strictly needed, but better safe than sorry! This makes editing your config files and getting debug output much easier.
1 × USB hub (optional) Want to add in a second player? You'll need a USB hub (either powered or unpowered is fine) because the BBB only has one USB port.