Cutting Time

A project log for Gateleg Table

A dropleaf table for the parlour

geoff-nicholsonGeoff Nicholson 02/20/2015 at 19:510 Comments

Using the tools at my local hackerspace, I used my circular saw to do the rough cuts out of the full sheet of plywood, then evened them up on the tablesaw. Then I used the chopsaw to cut the 2x4s and 1x2s into shorter pieces.

The idea is to rip the 1x2s in half (so the resultant bands will be 1-5/8 wide, because dimensional lumber lies) then cutting a tongue into them with a dado-blade in the tablesaw.

The 2x4s are cut to a height of 30" for the legs; you need six of them, four for the base of the table and two for the swinging legs. The remaining 2x4s will be used for the stretchers and the like... and we'll get to measuring those later.

Unfortunately, this was the time that the tablesaw at the lab popped it's belt, so it's offline and the project is on hold until we get the saw repaired.