2015 : 1 x GloRoll. A 8' diameter steel and LED lit sphere that you can climb into. Think "atlas spheres" from American Gladiators, or if you don't want to youtube it, a metal -human sized- hamster ball.

Now, not just a few glow bits, 1024 RGB Leds (yes, individually controllable), evenly distributed ( as close to a regular tessilation as possible) over the whole surface.

What would you do with a rolling spherical display???

2016 : #2 and 3 if possible, but more probably a year of dev'ing the #&$@^# out of the display to do all sorts of cool things. Also, why not add tilt and inertial sense and give the sphere a sense of UP? then we can do things like animate a globe that stays vertical while traversing, a horizon or flames that stay upright while rolling around... Your ideas?

2017 : 5 x GloRolls, taken to burning man, let loose for all every evening to find their own adventure... Also, if 5 by then, why not All (255, 255, 0) one of them, except for whatever direction of travel < < < < nom nom nom...

Gps'd, responding to the 3,6,9 o'clock crossroads, PLAYA PAC MAN!