I would like to be considered for the "Repairs you Can Print" contest in the Student Category.

My brother-in-law approached me with the task of recreating the Kerf Boards on his Makita chop saw. He had been building a project and had the wood in the saw bind/move and he managed to shatter both of the kerf boards on his saw. Finding a replacement online with quick shipping and a decent price proved to be difficult so I set out to build and 3d print new ones for him.

The original part :

I designed the part in Fusion 360 after taking some fairly accurate measurements with my digital calipers

Because of the build size of my printer(220x220x240) I decided to split it down the middle with a dovetail connection. and after a few iterations due to height(they needed to be perfectly level with the rest of the saw to avoid the wood getting caught when sliding in/out) and warping of the print I came out with this

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me to enter into the "Repairs You Can Print" contest in the Best Student category and it was my first really useful repair that I designed and printed all by myself.  I printed these on my i3 Replica printer with a 0.2mm layer height and 50% infill.